The Enterprise version of Synergy project management software for architects and engineers includes resource planning.

Synergy Enterprise

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Synergy Enterprise is the top tier product level. It's still in development and we'll announce its imminent arrival in the near future.

Synergy Enterprise is a fully featured enterprise product offering everything you get in Professional and Business, plus a whole raft of advanced features like resource and capacity planning, foreign currency, advanced forecasting and more. Offering all features on any web-enabled device — smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop — you and your team can run projects and your business anywhere, any time.

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Resource planning

Resource planning allows architecture, engineering and construction design firms to ensure the right resources – people – are on the right jobs at the right time. It also means no capacity bottlenecks with visual planning boards and capacity charts that make staff allocation easy.

Customized security

It's not uncommon for AEC design businesses to work on sensitive projects that require advanced levels of security. You might want to limit access to certain projects to approved members of a core project team, for example. This means you need to be able to manage security through a matrix where you can assign custom levels of access to individual staff within your organization.

Foreign currency

With Synergy's foreign currency feature, you can bill in several different currencies regardless of your organization's country and currency of origin.

Advanced forecasting

Standard forecasting allows a business to understand its approximate cash coming in for projects it has won, and projects it considers highly probable. Advanced forecasting provides a much more accurate forecast of cash coming in, based on realistic project expectations, using familiar advanced forecasting methodologies.