Sam Liptrott — Olsson Fire & Risk (London)

More time for building amazing buildings

Sam Liptrott: “We want to spend our time making sure buildings work and are safe. The less time we spend on admin and number crunching, the better. 

“And that’s what Synergy gives me.”

Role/s in the business

As director, Sam oversees the firm’s projects and manages employees.

Why we need Synergy

“It’s our project accounting tool but also a customer relationship management platform. Then it’s what we use to do budgeting. It helps us keep in touch with key clients and maintain the relationships that a firm like us really needs. It’s also our expenses system, and the way we track engineer time against projects, progress against spend.”

Core Synergy features used by Sam

Time saved as a result

“We have so many active projects going on, but they are all at different stages of completion. It would be really hard with the old-style corporate systems to be able to ‘fly low’ and see how individual projects are progressing, but also hover up a level and see how things are going in a more macro sense.” 

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