More time for developing client relationships

Rob McGowan: “I’m keen to focus on developing relationships and nurturing existing ones, and bringing more work in. I want to do less of the admin side of things. I still love the engineering side of it, and that’s why I go into it. 

“[Synergy] solved all those [admin] problems.”

Role/s in the business

“Pretty much everything you can imagine. 

“I do all the financial side of things – the invoicing, preparation of fee proposals, making sure that projects are profitable and are running to budget and time. That’s sort of all the admin side of things, then there’s the other side which is all the engineering work that needs to be done, compliance with standards, making sure that the documentation looks good as a product, and branding.”

Why we need Synergy

“Once the volume of jobs come in, you need to organise those jobs – you need a database, you need to know what the fees are, you need to know how much time you’re spending on those jobs, you need to track profitability, you need to know who your clients are, how much work they’re bringing in, are they repeat clients, are they one-off clients, and all of this stuff you can’t really do on a spreadsheet. 




"Synergy solved all those problems. It’s a one-stop shop that allows you to do all of those things, and more. We needed to know we could run the business effectively."

Core Synergy features used by Rob

Time saved as a result

“As things expand, I’ll have to do less and less of everything and be able to focus my time a bit more on what I want to focus on.” 

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