Chris Lelliott — MVL Architects and Surveyors

More time for growing the practice

MVL Architects and Surveyors is a multidisciplinary design and surveying Chartered practice of eight people with offices in Surrey, Hampshire and Cardiff in the UK. The practice has a long and successful history with domestic residential projects and is now expanding and diversifying its commercial portfolio.

Role/s in the business

Chris’s role in the practice covers design, project management, practice management and, in particular, how technology is used in the business for strategic advantage. As MVL starts to move into commercial work, he said it was important to get the right resources in place.

Why we need Synergy

The goal for MVL is to move away from a scenario where they use spreadsheets and siloed systems to run the business, to where key businesses software applications — like practice management and accounting applications — can talk to each other and create similar efficiencies to those seen in BIM model projects.

“Before Synergy, we didn't have a proper practice management software. We worked with old fashioned spreadsheets to sort out what was been going on in the practice, who was doing what, and we had many meetings to keep track of what was happening.”

Core Synergy features used by MVL Architects and Surveyors

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