Brett Lucchesi — Cenit Structural Engineers

More time for client relationships

Brett Lucchesi: "By having all my project information at my fingertips, I am across what everyone’s doing, I know where each project is financially, and invoicing is simple and quick.

"That leaves me time to concentrate on staying in touch with clients and partners, whether active projects or not. Maintaining these relationships is where a lot of future work comes from. Less time spent on business administration means more time to keep in touch."

Role/s in the business

"Where do I start? I'm the director wanting to see numbers and performance. I’m the project manager who wants to track the probability of the project and budgeted hours versus actual hours. I’m the admin doing invoicing and synchronising everything to Xero. I’m the new business development manager. Sometimes I get to do engineering! I do a bit of everything."

Why we need Synergy

"Before, I had spreadsheets for projects, proposals, invoicing, so I had to go through two or three spreadsheets to find everything. Now it's just on one screen.

"Synergy saves time. It's easy to use and it saves me time. It saves everybody time. So therefore, everybody can be more productive. We get more utilisation out of everybody."

Core Synergy features used by Brett

Time saved as a result

"With just invoicing, at least one-and-a-half-days already (within first two months of use). We expect quite a lot more time saved as we get more into the application." 

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