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Wingman (aka Ric) represents the Synergy brand. He looks a bit casual, but he’s very technically savvy with a great sense of humour. He really enjoys helping others get their job done with zero fuss or fanfare.

#teamtotalsynergy named Wingman, Ric, as it’s an acronym for the three values that drive our company culture – respect, integrity and care. We now also have a lot of fun rickrolling each other (remember that ol’ prank).

Our marketing team brought Wingman to life in 2017 as part of the Synergy launch. He spent a few awkward weeks as a stock-photo prototype, before being lovingly illustrated by our designer and animated in his first video. Now we can’t imagine Synergy without him.

Sometimes people ask why Wingman is male. Wingman concept creator Katie Yates answers that here.

Ultimately, he is the wingman to your AEC business and project management

Think Goose to your Maverick, Willow to your Buffy, Robin to your Batman, POW!

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