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Folding planes and building bricks — Synergy at RICS, IStructE and Vision events in London

Post by Damiaan van Zanen 28 June, 2018

Over the last two weeks, #TeamTotalSynergy was at three architecture, engineering and construction industry events in London. Although Synergy has been around since 1999 and is the market leader in Australia, we’re still growing in the UK, so it was a chance to talk to architecture, surveying and engineering professionals face-to-face about how Synergy can help them be more effective and efficient in delivering projects for the built environment design sector.

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Transmittals simplified — your future of project information management

Post by Paul Hemmings 6 June, 2018

Managing transmittals is one of those jobs that every architecture and engineering design professional knows is important, but wishes was just a little less time consuming. Synergy has taken the pain out of the transmittal process, while at the same time automating the record-keeping to save you time and let you sleep at night. Synergy product manager Paul Hemmings explains.

Imagined and created by our graphic designer Ross King - aka @thatdesigner - this is his blog about the opportunity to leave a mark, the inspiration, and process.

Surf to sand - the story behind Total Synergy's office mural

Post by Ross King 12 March, 2018

This is the story of how the Total Synergy mural came to be. Imagined and created by our graphic designer Ross King - aka @thatdesigner - this is his blog about the opportunity to leave a mark, the inspiration, and process. The mural is a unique and personal visual for our company's HQ in Sydney. One more thing that helps define the Total Synergy culture - a real thing that grows with unique personal contributions for the team.

Bespoke Architects director Daniel Calder told us how Synergy saves time and allows the directors to focus on clients, design and mentoring.

Technology solves architecture practice challenges for Bespoke Architects

Post by Synergy 2 March, 2018

Disparate and disjointed systems were making Bespoke Architects inefficient in project and practice management. Director Daniel Calder turned to specialist architecture business and project management software for a solution. He told us how Synergy saves time and allows the directors of Bespoke Architects to focus on clients, design and mentoring.

Sometimes people ask why Wingman is male. Wingman concept creator Katie Yates answers that here.

Why is Wingman a man?

Post by Katie Yates 27 February, 2018

“A wingman, male or female, is simply someone who’s got your back…” The story behind the 'man' in wingman — by the person who created the concept.

Discover how project management technology helps of the world’s leading specialist contractors manage 150 projects at a time.

How to keep track of 150 active projects

Post by Synergy 16 February, 2018

How do you keep track of more than 150 design projects at a time? Olsson Fire & Risk director Sam Liptrott explains how project management software gives him both close-up project progress view and high level business-wide view.

Should we be driving utilisation down? Join this 'fireside chat' with Rodney Drayton and Andrew Derbidge.

The value of non-utilised time

Post by Synergy 21 December, 2017

Engaging chat between NBRSArchitecture director Rodney Drayton and Partridge Engineers Andrew Derbidge. Rodney presents his view on driving utilisation down for the benefit of the future of the practice. How do you think of utilisation?

Architecture and profit - an interview with some architects about profit and practice.

Margins - architecture and profit

Post by Synergy 21 December, 2017

One of our articles on – Margins: Architecture and profit. We wrote this in response to Issue 138 of Architectural Review Asia Pacific magazine – Margins. Featuring interviews with i2C Design and Management, Tobias Partners, Mark Williams Architects and our own CEO, Scott Osborne.

Architects of best practice. Interview: Chris Lelliott, Director, MVL Architects and Surveyors.

Interview - how technology is helping MVL Architects grow

Post by Synergy 23 November, 2017

MVL Architects and Surveyors director Chris Lelliott talks about how a strategic focus on technology is helping the eight person practice expand and manage project collaboration and communication across the company’s three offices in England and Wales.

Synergy got to hang out with Microsoft and Drawboard at the 2017 RIBA Guerrilla Tactics conference.

Synergy takes flight at 2017 RIBA Guerrilla Tactics conference

Post by Peter Davies 22 November, 2017

Synergy featured at the 2017 RIBA Guerrilla Tactics event alongside Microsoft Surface devices, and Drawboard Bullclip. Armed with paper planes, and looking awesome splashed across all the Surface range, our UK team spoke to 200 SME architecture practitioners about finding more time for design.

We got to try HoloLens - here's what it was like.

HoloLens is really cool — have you tried it yet?

Post by Synergy 22 November, 2017

Two of our team recently got to try Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, HoloLens, that allows you to see 3D holograms in the environment you’re in. This is an extraordinary opportunity for built environment designers. Which sounds great, but is the actual experience of the device as good as the videos make it look? The answer is a resounding YES.

Six misguided misgivings about the cloud for AEC businesses.

6 misguided misgivings about the cloud for AEC businesses

Post by Synergy 22 November, 2017

[From the archive] Cloud is a conversation with a weight of inevitability about it; a conversation that’s moved from important to urgent for all businesses in the AEC industry. Check out these six misgivings about cloud and why they might be just a little bit misguided.

Interview with i2C managing director Anthony Merlin about a global architecture alliance.

Collaboration in action - i2C and the Ryder Alliance

Post by Synergy 22 November, 2017

How can SME practices compete with companies and joint ventures that seem to have virtually unlimited resources? One answer lies in embracing drivers of change, like technology and collaboration, and turning them into differentiators and advantages. Australian architectural firm i2C Design and Management has done just this. In founding the Ryder Alliance with UK-based firm Ryder Architecture, they’ve added strength in depth with international resources, expertise and capability.

All new Synergy is live - check out the new website and sign up for a 30-day free trial.

All new Synergy is live

Post by Synergy 30 October, 2017

Synergy is live! No downloads. No installations. No manual updates. No annual fees. No contracts. Find out more on the new website and sign up for a 30-day free trial. No credit card required.

Interview with Cenit [structural engineers] MD Brett Lucchesi about using Synergy and saving time in his business.

Interview - Brett Lucchesi - Cenit Structural Engineers

Post by Synergy 30 October, 2017

Cenit is a consulting structural engineering firm in Perth, Western Australia, founded in July 2016 by Brett Lucchesi. Time is a premium for small consulting design businesses. The right technology mix can help dramatically improve time savings. Within two months of using Synergy, Brett reduced his invoicing time by 75 percent.

In making strategic decisions about your business technology, the first question to ask is what problem do you need to solve.

Constructing a technology strategy

Post by Damiaan van Zanen 4 September, 2017

Technology is an enabler that provides businesses with a clear competitive advantage. A technology strategy ensures that a business adopts the correct technology, the technology addresses a need and employees are willing to use the technology to advance the business.

The consumerisation of communication is influencing the way we work. This explains the rise of collaboration technology.

People power — the rise of collaboration software

Post by Synergy 5 July, 2017

The consumerisation of communication through social media has very quickly influenced the way we can work. This explains the rise of collaborative technology in business environments. This article digs deeper with research and interviews.

A guide to help build the foundations of a winning people strategy. By Checkside.

The foundations of a winning people strategy

Post by Scott O'Hehir 4 July, 2017

Recruiting high performers and maintaining employee engagement in the workplace are key determinants of success for a modern-day company. This relies on the implementation of a business strategy that is employee-focused and a company culture that is engaging.

What we learned at Total Synergy implementing an enterprise social network.

Socialise the enterprise — what we learned implementing an enterprise social network

Post by Synergy 27 January, 2017

Social communication has become a way of life for many people. Enterprise businesses are increasingly realising social media-style communications is an effective way of communicating inside an organisation. SMEs, though, don’t necessarily see the value in this type of system, or don’t have the resources to research and plan an implementation adequately. We did it at Total Synergy. Here's how it went.

Just because they say it's cloud, doesn't mean it is. Pure vs. fake cloud infographic.

Pure cloud vs fake cloud

Post by Synergy 21 June, 2016

If you’re looking for cloud software (for any application), it’s sometimes hard to tell which vendors offer real cloud software or software that’s been labelled “cloud”, but isn’t really a pure cloud application. In order to clear up the confusion, we’ve put together a handy infographic with the differences.

A revolution in business technology, driven by cloud computing and mobile devices, is tearing up business models.

Today, every business is a technology company

Post by Synergy 11 December, 2015

Cloud accounting technology expert Sholto Macpherson explores how businesses are taking advantage of cloud software to tear up traditional business models. [Originally published in the Synergy2014 event magazine.]

We interview Microsoft Azure about disaster recovery and backup options now available to SMBs.

Interview - Microsoft Azure disaster recovery available to SMBs

Post by Synergy 10 December, 2015

The importance of backing up business data can’t be overstated. We’ve all experienced those heart-stopping moments where you realise something’s gone wrong with a server or computer and the things you thought were safely saved – documents, files, applications, databases – have gone. Of course, you knew this would happen one day and you have a backup. Don’t you?

Why and how SME AEC businesses can use email as a powerful tool in their marketing mix.

7 keys to effective email marketing

Post by Jamie Millar 4 December, 2015

For professional services like architecture, engineering and construction design (AEC), email is arguably the most important marketing communications tool. Here are seven key things to consider when planning and executing email as a marketing tactic.

NGS Consulting Structural Engineers uses technology as a core business strategy. We interview Neil Stebbing to find out more.

Technology – the great enabler

Post by Synergy 3 December, 2015

Technology is a key driver of change in the Australian (and global) AEC industry. Many architectural and engineering businesses tackle technology in different ways, but NGS Consulting Structural Engineers in Queensland is driving the adoption and use technology — and cloud in particular — as a key strategic approach to doing business and engineering.

Interview with Microsoft about Office 365 for home and small businesses.

Head in the clouds, feet on the ground – Microsoft Office embraces the future

Post by Synergy 3 December, 2015

Office 365 is the latest version of Office and it has taken flight as Microsoft’s fastest growing commercial product of all time. So what is Office 365, what does it offer and how does it work? To answer these questions we spoke to Microsoft Australia’s Office 365 consumer specialist Nicole Robinson about Office 365 Home Premium edition. [This article was first published in our Synergy2014 conference magazine.]

Interview with JBA communications director Liam McKay about the importance of communication in the AEC industry.

The importance of communication in the AEC industry

Post by Synergy 2 June, 2014

Built environment projects bring change, challenge, conflict and opportunity to people’s surroundings, the perspective simply depends on who you talk to. Regardless of scale, projects are always surrounded by conflict and it’s not just the domain of large enterprises with deeper pockets to engage with it. We interview JBA urban development communications director Liam McKay about the importance of communication.

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